Kitchen Magick: The Power of Chocolate

So… flowers are wonderful, and all, and a very appropriate gift for witchy girls like us. But there is just one thing that is that much better: chocolate! I am a self-professed chocoholic and, luckily, chocolate has got lots of magickal kick under its delicious, melty hood. Try one of these ideas to bring the power of chocolate to your magickal workings:

  1. Consume a square (or two or three) of the deepest, darkest chocolate you can find on the full and new moons. My personal favorite for this occasion is Dagoba Chocolates – they offer a delightful Lavender Blueberry and even a “New Moon” flavor!
  2. Melt dark chocolate into hot milk, then sprinkle in some ground cinnamon or cayenne pepper for a sinfully delicious drink sure to encourage a little lust in your love life. (If you want to keep some of this on hand, try this totally genius trick: melt the chocolate and stir in the spice of your choice, then pour it into the cubes of an ice tray. Freeze until the chocolate is semi-hard, place a sturdy stick, such as those made for lollipops, in the chocolate so it stands up straight, then keep frozen until needed. When you want to use one, just pop it out of the tray and place in your hot milk to melt!)
  3.  Have your best girlfriends over to watch the sunrise and eat chocolate cake for breakfast in your pajamas! After all, chocolate isn’t just about lust, it’s about connections and relationships and the girls in our lives are just as important as the romances. And taking cues from the Owens women about chocolate for breakfast certainly isn’t a bad idea!
  4. When cooking any chocolate dish, imbue it with desire and what you are looking for in a romantic encounter. Remember to carefully focus on these things again as you eat the dish in order to open yourself up to the universe and its possibilities.
  5. Bless those little gold foil chocolate coins with prosperity, then keep a few in your purse to consume from time to time, as chocolate brings riches and luxury.

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