Happy Belated Valentine’s: Rose Magick

All right, so… I’m a week late. But Valentine’s is one of my favorite holidays and love is always in season, right, not just one day a year? 🙂 So here we go with a couple of Valentine posts to keep the pink and red and glitteriness going for a few more days.

Being a florist, I have a deep appreciation for flowers and their meanings, magickal or not. This time of year, of course, the flower of the day is the rose. Although a dozen roses may be a bit cliché, there is no arguing how it makes people feel – after 50 deliveries last week, I can attest that handing over a vase of 6, 12 or 24 roses brings a smile like no other.

So how can you capture that magick on days other than February 14? With one of these ideas for a little Rose Magick…

  1. Lay rose petals between sheets of paper in a large book to press and dry them. Use the resulting pressed petals to decorate your altar or Book.
  2. Brew a cup of rose tea, made with nothing more than dried rosebuds, for a calming, introspective morning.
  3. Tuck a stem of miniature roses (trimmed of thorns) beneath or inside your pillow to dream about your future in love and matters of the heart.
  4. Stir rosewater into just about any sweet treat to help you open your heart to love.
  5. Simply send flowers, even to yourself – you would be amazed what having flowers delivered to your door does for the heart!

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