A Guide to Thoughtful Gifts for Pagans

A Guide to Thoughtful Gifts for Pagans

For the Fairy Folk: Edward Robert Hughes’ Midsummer Eve Print

For the Kitchen Witch: Glass Storage Containers (for spices, herbs and various magickal concoctions!)

For the Domestic Goddess: Blessed Be Plaque

For Those Filled with Yuletide Cheer: Festive Mistletoe Ornament

For the Proud Celt: Celtic Knot Pendant

For the Newbie: Llewellyn’s 2012 Witches Calendar

For the Little Pagan: Rupert’s Tales (It’s sooo sweet, although unfortunately the second half which contains Yule doesn’t come out until March.)

For the Green Thumb: Tiny Self-Sustaining Live Green Moss in Glass Terrarium

For the Animal Lover: Tarot of Pagan Cats

For the Astrologer: Anguistralobe Necklace

And, if all else fails, buy the girl some candles – always a foolproof Pagan gift!


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