Decorating Inspired by the Full Moon

The full moon has snuck up on us yet again, this time in its “Cold” or “Snow” form. Although you may not have time for your usual ritual amidst the holiday bustle, try honoring the full moon with a few inspired Yule decorations like these.

Wrap a small faux tree with white lights and place it in your bedroom or on your altar. Decorate it with strictly white and silver ornaments and tasteful strands of silver tinsel. Put the lights on an indoor timer so you can fall asleep each night to the soft glow of your “moon tree”.

Set up a cluster of white or silver pillar candles or float small votives in a bowl of water and use as a holiday centerpiece. The colors, flickering flames and gentle water will remind you to think of the moon.

Begin collecting white, silver, gold and champagne decorations, all of which are quite prevalent in most gift shops. Perhaps next year you can make the moon the central theme for all your holiday decorating!

Happy Full Moon (and I will see you all tomorrow for the Witches’ Yuletide Ball!)


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