Kitchen Witchery: A Magickal Thanksgiving Menu

So… Thanksgiving dinner was just dumped in my lap! Yay! Okay, I admit, I kind of completely love it but still… it’s going to be craaazy. Although Thanksgiving does not coincide with a Sabbat, it can still be embraced by witches and pagans alike so here is my delicious menu with a little witchy goodness to boot!

Cider-Glazed Turkey: Speaking from experience, this turkey is to die for. A little tip though is to roast it for the first 2-2 ½ hours breast side down, one or two days ahead. Then flip it back over in the pan and leave it alone and covered until the day of your dinner. Then proceed as the recipe instructs. This gives it time to marinate and soak in the juices and believe me, most tender bird you’ve ever tasted! As for witchy, what could be more magickal than a dish absolutely packed with apples?

Swiss Chard-Stuffed Baked Apples: Continuing in the apple theme and adding my favorite wintry vegetable (Swiss chard), these are my own creation so crossing my fingers they’re good! Basically, instead of slicing the apples around the turkey into wedges, I plan to just cut them in half and hollow them out as you would with baked apples. Then, I’ll fill the hollows with this delicious Swiss chard stuffing for a tasty vegetable dish!

Simple Pear Stuffing: Stuffing is my personal favorite Thanksgiving dish and, since I was recently gifted with a giant bag of pears, I am going to be adding four to this easy Martha Stewart recipe. Pears, of course, are a fall fruit and are magickally associated with love.

Mashed Potatoes and Butternut: This one is super easy and adds a great zing to your favorite mashed potatoes. Just replace 2-4 of the potatoes in your recipe with a whole butternut squash, then continue as directed. It adds a wonderful aromatic flavor and, although butternut does not have a specific magickal quality, most squashes are very much associated with the season and all of its significances.

Of course, as always, the very best way to bring magick into your kitchen is to simply cook with intent and focus plus a heart full of love for the family gathered around your table!


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