Kitchen Witchery: Tea Magick Part 2

Part Two of the Kitchen Witchery: Tea Magick post!!

Five MORE Ways to Use Tea in Magick and Ritual

  1. Make a cup of loose leaf tea in a small, white cup and read your or a friend’s tea leaves.
  2. Host a ‘Witches’ Tea’ and invite your coven or just a group of friends over to enjoy a little midnight brew. This would also make a great Samhain/Halloween party theme.
  3. Tea-dye white copy paper (strongly brew a few tea bags in a pot and then drag the bags over the paper to color it) for your Book of Shadows or spells and blessings.
  4. Mix loose leaf tea into homemade soap for ritual preparation or just luxurious baths.
  5. Brew tea, especially those handmade with magickal intention, on the stove or fireplace so that it perfumes your entire house.



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