Top Five Witchy Non-Fiction Books

The follow-up to my last post: my five favorite witchy non-fiction books!

Top Five Witchy Non-Fiction Books

5. 365 Goddess: This book assigns a different goddess to each day of the year and then gives some information about what she represents, her festivals and how to celebrate that day. It is both handy and fun!
4. The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients: While by no means comprehensive, this book is really handy when you’re working on charm bags and the like where you may want to have lots of items that have the same or similar influence. It also has unusual items beyond the usual herbs and spices.
3. Cottage Witchery: On the contrary, this one is quite comprehensive in regards to hearth witchery, decorating indoors and out, cleansing, I believe it may even have recipes and spells in it as well.
2. Llewellyn Sabbats Almanac: Every year this one is a must-have as it always contains recipes, rituals, history and ideas for every Sabbat (and you all know how I love the Sabbats!)
1. Witchcraft on a Shoestring: Deborah Blake is my absolute favorite witchy writer and this book is quite possibly her masterpiece, especially in today’s world. Get great ideas on how to be witchy in life and magick without breaking the bank!


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