The Witches Yuletide Ball Blog Party

Deck the Halls

Holly, Mistletoe and Pine

Wassail and Sweets for Everyone

Twinkling Candles Bright

Magick in the Air

Yuletide Carols

Spread Good Cheer

At the Witches’ Yule Ball!

Join us in all your winter splendor on December 10 to share your Yule trees, decorations, crafts, rituals, spells, recipes, parties and more. Hope to see you there!

Sincerely, Dana & Tenae


1. Please copy the flyer onto your blog as soon as you sign up. We will add a link to your blog to the end of this post on each of our blogs once you have posted the flyer.

2. Create a Yule-themed post to share on your blog on December 10.

3. Comment with a link directly to your post on either (or both!) of the party posts at The Witch of Howling Creek or On the Broomstick.

4. Make new friends and spread some Yuletide cheer!


The Ditzy Druid

The Hedgewitch Hearth

Nora B. Peevy


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