Top Ten Magickal Novels

With NaNoWriMo bearing down on us (I am writing this and most of my November posts early so *fingers crossed* that I am on word count target), I thought it appropriate to do a double post about what else? But books! This is my top ten witchy and magickal novels and you can look for my top ten witchy non-fictions on Saturday.

10. Lord of the Rings: Really? It requires no introduction.

9. Fool: Christopher Moore’s absolutely irreverent retelling of King Lear isn’t exactly focused on the magic but there are witches and there are lots of supernatural happenings going on. Plus it happens to be hysterical.

8. Rampant: Much, much less than kosher and why, yes, I do have a love for trashy Harlequins. This one shows magic in a variety of lights and actually has a good story beneath all the… trashiness.

7. The Witch of Blackbird Pond: And apparently I am a complicated woman because right after the smut, I’ve got a children’s book. Blackbird Pond is a classic and its story and characters are so compelling, it even has fan fiction! It isn’t great on historical accuracy but it’s a very intriguing look at early New England society and their views on witchcraft.

6. The Seeing Stone: One of probably hundreds of versions of the Arthurian myths, The Seeing Stone was one of my favorite books as a kid. It is original, very well-researched and the magic, while subtle, is quite captivating.

5. Miss Rumphius: This one doesn’t actually have a drop of magic in it but it has some truly great words for pagans (and everyone) to live by. “See the world, live by the sea and do one thing to make the world more beautiful.”

4. We, Goddesses: I haven’t read this one in many, many years but as I recall, it was a retelling of classic Greek myths from the perspectives of Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, each with a section dedicated to them. It’s unique in its feminist take and I seem to remember the illustrations being quite lovely.

3. Cleopatra’s Perfume: If Rampant is less than kosher, this one is off the charts, but beneath an incredibly raunchy surface is actually a truly creative story. It combines the carefree European society of the 1920s and 1930s with the espionage of the 1940s, right alongside ancient Egyptian magic. And lots of sex. So much. Sort of ridiculous how much.

2. The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane: Written by the descendant of a Salem Witch Trials victim, Physick is a wonderful piece of literature. I was always a bit disappointed in the ending but the story itself, the care put into the research and the seamless transitions between then and now are beautiful.

1. Song of the Lioness: Tamora Pierce is renowned for her strong female characters and her incredible world-building. Song of the Lioness features some really incredible myths and deities and really is just a must-read. (I think I may have been rather in love with George too…)



2 thoughts on “Top Ten Magickal Novels

  1. I love The Witch Of Blackbird Pond! I would definitely add The Mists Of Avalon, personally. By the way, I love your blog, this is the first time I’ve read it but it has some beuatiful ideas and suggestions, lots of sentiments that resonate with me! Thanks!

  2. Not to mention “The Discworld” series, where in vouple of books witches play major roles… The way they are showed is gorgeous. Just. Genius.

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