November, and with it, the elusive Winter (and NaNoWriMo – wish me luck and bear with me!)

When I first saw this statue in the Louvre, I knew without looking at the plaque below it that he was meant to be Winter. He almost seemed to visibly shiver beneath his stony blanket and his beard looked nearly dusted with snow.

Traditionally, winter is the season most avoided by mammals of all shapes and sizes. Bears curl up in caves for hibernation and humans do much the same, tucking in beside fireplaces and floor heaters. But winter is truly one of the most spectacularly beautiful seasons of the year.

It is not showy in its brilliance like Spring nor is it playful and inviting like Summer but even in relatively warm climates like my own, where snow is rare, Winter has a soft, gentle stillness about it that is quite stunning. So pull on your ice skates, wrap up your scarves and button up your coats and start enjoying the loveliest season of all!


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