There’s a fanciful impracticality about a lot of witches and, yes, that is actually a good thing. Believing in fairies doesn’t make us mad or childish, it makes us courageous. Which is exactly why I love fairytales so much. ABC recently debuted a new show called Once Upon a Time that I think could really introduce both a new generation to fairytales and revive the love adults once had for them. It is rather clever and witty in its portrayal of characters like Snow White, Jiminy Crickett, Geppetto, Rumpelstiltskin and Red Riding Hood, all dumped into lives in our world.

Fairytales are full of archetypes and insights, both psychologically and spiritually. Although witches are usually portrayed as evil, it’s really just a label. Many (you might even venture to say most) protagonists in fairytales have magic on their side as well (Sleeping Beauty had the fairies, Cinderella had her fairy godmother, Snow White had Prince Charming’s kiss) so it is really only a matter of terms and translations.

These stories are an escape from our day-to-day, much as magick is. So this Samhain honor fairytales with a sparkly princess costume, a Grimm-inspired spell to open your heart to love or just read your favorite little girl a romantic bedtime story!

(On a side note, I am participating in NaNo this year with a fairytale story of my own so I am trying to stock up on posts for November but I may be very mildly MIA for a bit. Try not to though!)


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