Making Magick: Out-of-the-Ordinary Divination

Samhain is one of the best times of the year for divination as the thin veil between worlds (whether you consider it literal, spiritual or metaphorical) allows easier access to the beyond. I have never been a big fan of tarot and other common methods of divination, ot because I don’t think they have merit but because I always prefer the out-of-the-ordinary (plus, some traditional methods like crystal gazing require entirely too much attention span for me.)

My favorite kind of divination is chartomancy, divination by books. This one may be well known to you, as many people perform it without even realizing what they are doing (the very best kind of magick – that which is instinctual!) Simply think of a problem or question you need help with, choose a random book (preferably a novel or dictionary as other non-fiction can be too technical or specific), open to a random page, and run your finger over the page without looking until you feel you are in the right place. Then read the line or paragraph you have chosen and consider what it could mean in terms of your situation or question. You may want to do this three times in one book in order to get a couple of angles.

For example, I used the book The Coral Thief, and opened to the words “I had forgotten”, a photograph of two pirate ships (photos are very good divining tools as well) and a paragraph about a woman respected and known by those around her, from the well-to-do to the prostitutes. From this I might gather that I will experience adventure and travel, that I will be respected but that it may take hardship to get there and that there may either be things I will wish to forget or that I have already forgotten something I need to remember. As you can see, this is a very personal way to divine the future that is entirely open to interpretation and can be done whenever you feel the need.

Another easy, interesting form of divination is lychnomancy, divination by candles. Set a white candle up in a preferably darkened room, away from any sources of air or wind, such as a window or fan. Light the candle and study the flame while thinking about your problem or question. The following (among other signs) will lead the way:

  • If the end of the wick displays a brightly shining point it is a lucky omen.
  • If the flame moves from side to side it indicates that you will soon travel.
  • If there are sparks rising from the candle you will need to be cautious.
  • If the flame seems to twist and spiral it means that your enemies are plotting against you.
  • If a flames rises and falls it suggests there is approaching danger.
  • If the candle is extinguished suddenly and without good reason it is a prediction of disaster.

Perform these at your Halloween party or for serious divination of the future!


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