Witchy Living: Top Ten Flicks & Shows for Witches

Every witch’s blog has to have a top ten list of films and shows on it somewhere. 🙂 Some of mine are classics on everybody’s list and some are a little more offbeat so hopefully you’ll find something you haven’t seen before!

10. Rough Magic: Okay, yes, it’s weird. Extremely weird. But it’s Russell Crowe and I will forgive a lot of film flubs if it has Russell Crowe in it. He is absolutely brilliant in this and manages to make a ridiculous role pretty awesome. Not to mention that it sets hocus pocus in the 1950s and Mexico – daring, wacky and fun!

9. The Gates: Although it was canceled (like a certain incredible show a little further up the list), The Gates featured one witch with a gorgeous shop in the suburbs. She was a bit crazy and probably a lot evil but her shop of potions and potpourris was so stunning a lot of us forgave much of her psychopath behavior!

8. I Married a Witch: The 1940s, much more wicked version of Bewitched. She does wind up a bit domesticated but this is one stylish, femme fatale kind of witch.

7. Bell, Book and Candle: Many people consider this movie the predecessor of most modern Hollywood portrayals of witches. She isn’t exactly evil but she isn’t exactly nice either and her family fits the same ambiguous category. It also gets points for a very psychedelically magickal nightclub and the suggestive innuendo the ‘60s are so famous for.

6. Bewitched: Come on. It’s a classic. It just is. Samantha and her mother are the family-friendly version of witchcraft happily embraced in living rooms over four decades ago. Today’s witches may bemoan her domestic ‘yes dear’s but we probably owe her a good deal of thanks.

5. The Good Witch: Can you believe the fourth movie comes out in a little over a week?! It seems like these movies just came out. Being that they are Hallmark, they can be a little saccharine but that’s really part of their charm. Cassandra is my vision of the modern witch: sweet, sassy, mysterious old mansion and a knack for helping out no matter what people think of her.

4. Tin Man: SyFy’s retelling of The Wizard of Oz and let me tell you… it is brilliant. Although my favorite parts of the miniseries have little to do with magic (the vastly embraced steampunk elements come to mind), D.J. and her sister respectively show the beautiful and very dark sides of witchcraft (much like Glenda and the Wicked Witch in the original, although much more tragically.)

3. Charmed: Oh hush. Charmed is almost as much a classic as Bewitched is and I just ❤ Alyssa Milano.

2. Eastwick: *sniffle* I miss this show so much. ABC’s rewrite of The Witches of Eastwick simply didn’t get the advertising it needed and, shocks, it fell flat on its face. The dozen or so episodes we did get, however, were well-written, fun, provocative… The magic here is very elemental and earthy and the women are so natural in their reactions – well worth a watch.

1. Practical Magic: This movie just blows them all out of the water. As we’ve talked about before, everything about it is just captivating – the house, the town, the Owens women, and certainly that book!



3 thoughts on “Witchy Living: Top Ten Flicks & Shows for Witches

    1. Ohh I haven’t seen that one yet but I’ve heard of it – I’ll be sure to check it out! I did just watch the new ‘Once Upon a Time’ on ABC last night and it was quite interesting.

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