Sabbats: Samhain Witch Costumes

Samhain may be a time of contemplation and honoring of the dead but for most of the U.S. it is a day to dress up, go all out and gorge yourself on candy: Halloween! Embrace your witchiness on this one day of the year when pointed hats are a-okay with one of these four costume ideas.

Candy Corn-Sweet Witch: Go for striped socks and a big orange bow on your hat for a super sweet version of your inner witch. Purple, orange, lime green and any other bright, neon color is fair game, especially when paired with over-the-top patterns and a never-ending bowl of candy corn for trick-or-treaters!

Wicked Witch of the Neighborhood: Frighten the local kiddies with an old-fashioned witch costume, complete with green face paint, a flowing black cape, a menacing cackle and a bubbling cauldron!

Magickal Seductress: Pull out all the stops for a sexy witch outfit, including black nylons, sky-high stilettos, a lace, satin or silk black dress, gaudy jewelry and a feathered conical hat. Reds and deep violets work great for this costume – not to mention a (faux) love potion or two!

Medieval Sorceress: Give that old Renaissance costume new life! The peasant chemise, leather corset and flower garland are all still appropriate, with added witchy touches like glass bottles with feathers and sparkling stones hung from your waist. This is the perfect witch costume for old-fashioned details, as well, so don’t forget your broom!


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