Making Magick: Rainy Days

The last few days have been grey and stormy, the clouds so vivid and brilliant that the sky looks like a painting. Weather is often the subject of our needs and desires (please, snow for Yule or no, no rain for graduation!) but it also inspires us. Rain, thunder, lightning… storms contain powerful energy that can be harnessed and leant on for a variety of magicks.

Rainwater is one of the purest forms of water you can find and because of that, makes a great source for moonwater. Set a jar or bucket out on a stormy night, then follow the instructions for making moonwater that will be even more potent than usual!

Thunder and lightening, obviously, feature their own kind of electric oomph but they can offer a magickal one as well. The simplest way to rely on them is to simply perform spells during a storm. This is best for spells that you want to be especially powerful such as those for protection. You can also charge objects such as crystals with the power of the storm for later use.

Rainy day magick doesn’t have to be so formal though (I’m a broken record aren’t I? Simple, simple, simple! :D) There is nothing that makes me feel more connected to nature and myself than sitting by the window with a cup of hot tea and fuzzy socks, watching the wind whip and the rain pour and the clouds roll. It’s a beautiful, unmatchable show put on by the weather fairies or the sky gods or just the scientific meeting of chemicals and even just noticing it is a form of magick.


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