Sabbats: Top Ten Sweet Samhain Decorations

As promised, the second part to the Samhain decorations post:Top Ten Sweet Samhain Decorations by The Witch of Howling Creek

Top Ten Sweet Samhain Decorations!

  1. Pumpkin Pile: Instead of carving your pumpkins into scary faces, just pile them wherever possible. Mounds of pumpkins is both heavy on spirit and incredibly easy to pull off!
  2. Candy Bowls: Candy bowls aren’t just for Grandma’s end table – fill vases, jars and bowls throughout the house with your favorite seasonal treats for simple decoration inspired by trick-or-treating.
  3. Sweet Treat Garland: Hang up a paper garland of alternating orange and black candy pieces. These are great on mantels, windows, doorways, chandeliers, even chair backs.
  4. Harvesttime: Go for a more seasonal than spooky approach and decorate with maize, pumpkins, gourds, wheat and colored leaves.
  5. Luminaries: Create simple luminaries by punching or cutting out cute Halloween shapes such as cats or jack-o-lanterns in brown paper lunch bags, filling them with a few inches of sand and setting a battery-operated or votive candle inside. These are perfect for lining walkways and staircases.
  6. Off-Kilter Colors: Instead of the traditional dark colors of Halloween and Samhain, embrace a lighter side with orange, purple and lime. Decorations can be as simple as swapping out curtains with a festive new color and a daring contrast for the swag.
  7. Witchy Vignettes: Create cute scenes with conical hats, brooms, pentacles and other images associated with witches to show off a little more subtly than displaying your entire altar.
  8. Friendly Ghosts: Ghosts can certainly be spooky but take a bit more of a Caspar approach with friendly black and white faces painted on windows or fluttering friends made by tying white fabric around balls of paper and hanging them from the porch.
  9. Victorian Inspiration: Set the scene with ivory lace tablecloths, hurricane lamps, dripping candles and polished silver tea service sets. Add finishing details like old books, magnifying glasses and binoculars for a tasteful Halloween display focused on elegance and refinement.
  10. Signage: Vintage metal Halloween signs are easy to come by in antique stores and online or you can make your own with phrases like ‘Boo!’, ‘Happy Halloween’ and ‘Trick or Treat’ printed on cardstock and decorated with glitter.

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