Sabbats: Top Ten Spooky Decorations for Samhain

Top Ten Spooky Samhain Decorations by The Witch of Howling CreekSamhain is a time of unmitigated witchiness, when both the saccharine and the scheming get to come out and play. The next two posts celebrate both sides as every witch has a little maiden and a little crone in her somewhere!

Top Ten Spooky Decorations for Samhain

  1. Two-Faced Pumpkins: One of my favorite decorations that I’ve noticed increasing in popularity this year is the ‘two-faced’ pumpkin, where you simply carve two faces off-set from one another in the same pumpkin. It’s really fun if you can set up the back side so it projects onto a wall or shows up in a mirror!
  2. Paper-Cut Spiderwebs: Using the same technique as you would to make paper snowflakes, cut black construction paper into squares, then fold diagonally as many times as you wish. Cut into intricate patterns, then hang in windows, clustered from a chandelier or taped onto a white wall or mirror.
  3. Twinkle Lights: Hang up your Yule lights early but wrap them in black tulle, readily available at most fabric stores, for a super easy, super spooky look.
  4. Black and White Door Wreath: Heavily spray paint a grapevine wreath bright, glossy white then decorate with black and silver items such as ornaments, sprigs of faux flowers and feathers. You could also hang a black sign or silhouette from the top such as ‘Happy Halloween’, ‘Boo!’, ‘Blessed Be’, a cat or a pentacle.
  5. Cheesecloth: Hang torn black or off-white cheesecloth as a backdrop for a buffet, from windows and doors or from chandeliers for an eerie effect.
  6. Witch Balls: Once considered protection from witches, many modern day pagans hang these pretty glass ornaments from their windows as protection for hearth and home. Making your own is easy with clear glass craft ornaments, acrylic paints in colors like black, red, purple and orange, and lots of ribbon. This is a fun project for kids!
  7. Other-than-Orange Pumpkins: Orange pumpkins may be familiar and a lot of fun but the white variety brings an elegant, refined touch to even the spookiest of celebrations. Also try spray-painting them black and rolling them in glitter (or foam ‘funkins’ for a cheaper version.)
  8. On-Display Altar: Simply bring out your witchiest ritual items for a suitably Samhain vignette on a shelf, desk or table.
  9. Victorian Prints: Replace photographs in your home with printed copies of Victorian anatomy and botany sketches for a cool, creepy look.
  10. Etsy, Antique Stores & Gift Shops: Although you can decorate your house entirely top to bottom with adorably handmade items, don’t forget to check out these great resources near you. Even if you think that swanky gift shop downtown is too expensive, take a walk through it around Halloween and I can almost guarantee you’ll find something you have to have that just so happens to be in your price range!

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