*feeling a little paranoid*

Hey guys – I’ve been getting a few views from Facebook the last few days and while I greatly appreciate the hits, they also make me a little nervous. I’m not exactly out of the closet, see (I’m not deep in there but I’m also not quite willing to tell the entire world about it – yes, I know that contradicts with having a blog.) I’m just not really fond of the idea of someone I know stumbling across the blog without my realizing it – like many witches, I live in a small town and I actually really do have a reputation to protect so if there’s anyone that would be un-okay with what I think… You get the picture.

So if someone put a public link up, I would really appreciate it being taken down. If it’s private, please, share away!!!

Sorry for the paranoid rant!


2 thoughts on “*feeling a little paranoid*

  1. I just recently found your blog.I really love it but I understand how you feel. I am in the same situation. I’m further back in the closet behind you. I am just finding my way. I havent been by your FB. I havent even been public to family or friends especially my blog. If I loose friends..who cares, they weren’t real anyway then. But its is a little scarier when it comes to my business, dont want to harm that. Hang in there!!!

    1. That’s exactly it – I have a business and a family that are much more important to me than being out of the closet. I’m not Wiccan or really any label (I don’t even know that I go so far as to say pagan) but it sort of looks that way from the outside. Thanks for commenting!

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