Five Ideas for Magickal Fall Cleaning

With October, the first month of the holiday season, just around the bend, now is the perfect time for a little decluttering, freshening up and reorganizing. Although many people only do a thorough, deep cleaning once a year in the spring, both equinox seasons are ripe times for the act. The equinox and the weeks surrounding them represent a time of balance, when day and night are equal partners, neither dominant. This is the perfect time for finding balance in your own life and in your home. (From a less spiritual but equally important perspective, we also tend to be busiest during summer and winter so the in-between times are good for cleansing.) Here are five ways to make your fall cleaning a little more magickal (and a little less boring!)

Magickal Fall Cleaning

  1. Make your own organic cleaning supplies and add ground herbs or essential oils for a little magickal oomph. Sage is always a good tool for cleansing but rosemary, bay and juniper are also popular. (This is a great resource:
  2. Play classical or other relaxing music while you work so that your mind is clear as well as your home – get off to a nice, fresh start!
  3. Sweep dirt out of your home by starting in one corner and working clockwise around each room. (First you might perform a blessing spell on your broom so that it will sweep away negativity and leave a clean space for blessings to come!)
  4. While on the subject of brooms, why not make your own? Any item handmade functions far better than those that are storebought. If you use a besom in ritual, you might not want to use the same one for actual cleaning so you may choose to make two: one fancifully decorated and one very practical for every day use.
  5. Make purification charm bags with herbs such as sage, rosemary, bay and juniper and place in your vacuum bag. Not only will you be cleaning up, you will be perfuming the room with a beautiful, magickal scent that makes way for good things!

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