Kitchen Witchery: Magickal Pears

Our biggest local harvest is pears, although we grow olives, grapes and walnuts as well. Pears, while not quite as magickal as their autumn cousin, the apple, are still potent both in kitchen witchery and delicious fall dishes.

Due in part to their feminine shape, pears are often used in love and lust spells. The easiest way to use them, of course, is to simply imbue a pear dish with your intent but you can also use dried pear pieces or skin in charm bags. Also, spray on a little pear-scented perfume as a sweet aphrodisiac! (As always, use GREAT CAUTION when practicing magick related to matters of the heart.)

Tempting Pear Recipes

Herb-Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Pears

Crispy Prosciutto Cups with Pears

Pear Tarte Tatin

Gingerbread Pear Muffins


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