And On To Samhain…

Mabon has passed and now that it is officially autumn, most of us are letting our thoughts turn to cold days, hot tea and warm kitchens (of course, we also had our first rainy day of the season here today so I’m reallySamhain Comments & Graphics in the mood!)

Almost every witch’s favorite Sabbat is just around the corner: the mysterious Samhain when conical hats are commonplace and the new pagan year is ushered in amidst bonfires, costume fetes and lots of sweets.

The holiday has both secular and spiritual aspects, respectively a lot of fun and one of the ‘holiest’ pagan days of the year. With the new month nearly upon us, my posts will be featuring all sorts of Samhain witchery and ideas.

Bring on the pumpkins!


3 thoughts on “And On To Samhain…

  1. One of the things I love most about All Hallow’s Eve, is that it brings Witches, non-Witches, the young and the young at heart (but quite experienced) together. Kids can be grownups and grownups get a chance to be kids… everybody gets to play and be themselves or something else, what world would we have if we got to do the same every day?

    P.S. I love these three little witches!

    1. Aren’t they sweet?!

      I absolutely agree – the veil isn’t just thin between this world and others but between our selves, so to speak. We can step into a life we might have, could have or maybe never in a million years would have had!

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