Kitchen Witchery: Infusing Oils and Vinegars

Olive oil is a staple in my house, namely because I come from a long line of Italian cooks who wouldn’t be caught dead without at least one bottle in the pantry. But, although I can hold my own in the kitchen, I am not a connoisseur so while Guy Fieri can tell me that extra-virgin gives a dish that special ‘fruity’ flavor, I just have to believe him. Now, on the other hand, add a few kumquats or a nice juicy apricot and I can get behind fruity.

Kumquats and apricots in olive oil? Yes indeed. Lammas and Mabon are the perfect times for infusing olive oil with all sorts of delicious ingredients, fresh from the garden (or at least the farmer’s market.) Rosemary is a popular one, along with basil and thyme.

Infusing Olive Oil

If using, gently pound herbs with a pestle to release the flavor. Place bruised herbs and/or fruits in a bottle and pour olive oil over them. Cork and place in a cool, dark place for two weeks or more. For a little more variety, try creating infused vinegars in the same way.




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