Sabbats: Apple Stamping Project

As I’ve probably talked about before, apples are one of the most magickal fruits you can find. They suit all sorts of spell and ritual purposes (plus, of course, they’re pretty tasty.) But the one thing that truly sets them apart is the hidden pentacle inside each and every one. Go ahead, cut one open and see for yourself.

A fun way to show off apple’s charm this Mabon season is with this easy stamping project:

Apple Stamping Project

Cut an apple in half from top to bottom.

Pour a small amount of paint onto a paper plate and tip so that it forms a puddle a little larger than the apple.

Dip the cut-side of the apple into the paint, then press onto a piece of paper, leaving behind an apple imprint, star included.

These stamps make great additions to Book of Shadows pages, fall cards and kids’ placemats.



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