Top Ten Ways to Honor the Full Moon

The full moon is one of the most powerful times for magick but there are plenty of other ways to honor her outside of witchcraft and even away from your altar. Here are a few ideas to inspire you this month!

Top Ten Ways to Honor the Full Moon

  1. Eat dark chocolate.
  2. Get an oil massage.
  3. Take a rose petal bath.
  4. Drink tea made from moon-related herbs and flowers, such as rose, jasmine or chamomile.
  5. Make a full moon supper: white wine, shellfish and herbed crescent rolls.
  6. Walk along the beach in the middle of the night.
  7. Grind herbs, blend oils and incenses, and create and bless other tools you will use over the next month.
  8. Leave milk, honey and bread out for the fairies.
  9. Make white pottery such as bowls and mugs for magickal or non-magickal purposes.
  10. Pamper your cat (familiar or not.)

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Ways to Honor the Full Moon

  1. I think I will have to add dark chocolate to the menu! We always do breakfast for dinner on the full moon. It started with eggs and pancakes both which were round, now it is evolved but I like to do quiche often for its roundness. The best part is non pagan Hubs comes home smells the air and says “oh it must be the full moon”

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