Sabbats: Decorating for Mabon

Being that Mabon is a celebration of a season, decorations are easy to come by, both in stores and nature. The holiday’s symbols are everywhere this time of year: maize, cornucopias, apples, wheat and wine. Honor each of them with these ideas for filling your home with the spirit of Mabon!

Maize, often available at pumpkin patches and harvest fairs, makes for an easy decoration, just filling a bowl. But to step it up a notch, try this great garland project from Martha Stewart. Hang it from your porch, over a mantel or even on a canopy bed to bring abundance to your house.

Cornucopias are perhaps the simplest way to decorate for Mabon – simply pick one up at your local craft store and fill it with season-appropriate items like apples, grapes, pears and squash.

Later in the month, I hope to do a post about an apple stamping project to show off the magickal fruit’s hidden pentacle but in the meantime, try pressing sunflower seeds into the top half of a whole apple and short wooden dowels from the bottom half. Hang outside with natural twine to create a feeder for the last of summer’s birds.

Place wheat stalks in a vase as a kitchen centerpiece or weave them into a grapevine wreath for a pretty autumn door decoration.

Grape leaves also make a beautiful addition to a wild, escapist flower arrangement and can often be found at flower shops and craft stores. Alternatively, use wine bottles as vases or unique candle holders.

What great Mabon ideas do YOU have to share?


4 thoughts on “Sabbats: Decorating for Mabon

  1. Have just come across your blog and am loving it already 🙂 I have subscribed via email and can’t wait for future posts.
    BB x

  2. Hi I am new to your blog. I must say I love it. Thank you for your comment. I slow in the process but I’m getting out my fall decorations and colors and of course looking for more. The local farmers market is a good place to find things too.

    The natural sprit is the way…

    1. Thanks for commenting back! I meant to get my fall decorations down over the holiday but hopefully they will be up in the next week or two. Love this season!!

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