Sabbats: Mabon, The Witches’ Thanksgiving

Because all of us witchy types are already thinking about Samhain at this time of year (and may have been for a month or two), Mabon likes to slip through the cracks. Although it is not the only ‘forgotten’ Sabbat (Lammas and Imbolc certainly come to mind), it is one many of us struggle to find creative ways to celebrate.

After all, it is the gentle middle sister of the harvest festivals and while fresh veggies and an overflowing garden make Lammas relatively easy and the pumpkins and candles we hoard for Samhain are no problem, what to do in between? Mabon is the conventional first day of fall, so the leaves are turning colors and it finally feels like autumn but we often save that sort of imagery for Samhain. By the week of Mabon, we are at a loss for what to do other than perhaps a simple harvest ritual.

But there is a theme buried deep within the generic symbolism of Mabon that is easily embraced: the Witches’ Thanksgiving.

A truly witchy day, this feast is a celebration of your living loved ones (very much a foreshadowing to Samhain’s celebration of those passed on) as well as the natural life we see slowly fading into brilliant oranges and golds.

Over the next three weeks, I will be offering decorating tips, recipes and magickal ideas for this simple, beautiful day. In the meantime, I am busy trying to repair the damage a sudden windstorm did to one of the very few healthy trees I have had. It snapped it off almost at the very base and now it’s just lying there in the yard. I think I may do a small ritual to help its faeries and spirits find a new home and then we will probably add it to the firewood pile for this winter.


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