Real Witchcraft

Those of us that consider ourselves witches are usually dramatic souls with a flair for elegance and decoration. We enjoy getting dressed up and lighting candles and making magick. But at the end of the day, witchcraft isn’t about spells and charms or even mysterious, ancient deities.

Real witchcraft is connecting to something inside ourselves that makes us think, act and believe in faeries. It is about both the inner child and the inner darkness, a melding of what give us good hearts and mischievous minds.

Real witchcraft is standing over a flame, cooking dinner for people you love, not only turning the stove on to stir bubbling potions.

Real witchcraft is tuning into the world around you, the subtle nuances of words, animals and nature.

Real witchcraft is the surging happiness you get when you walk through a field or a forest or a stream.

Real witchcraft just is.


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