Making Magick: Travel Protections

Although I am a Taurus at heart and I do love my own bed, my own bathroom, my own shower curtain… I love to travel. Recently, I spent a month in Europe and somehow managed to avoid all but the most minor of snafus without a drop of magick. Many trips do not fare quite so well, unfortunately, so here are a couple of witchy ways to help keep yourself and loved ones safe on far-off (or not-so-far-off) voyages:

Roman Fortuna Redux Charm Bag

Mix chamomile heads and oak leaves in a sachet, asking the Roman goddess Fortuna Redux (the aspect of the goddess of good fortune associated with travel) for protection and a watchful eye. Hang the charm bag from your rear view mirror, tuck it into your carry-on luggage or simply carry in your purse. For a little extra oomph, add Earl Grey bergamot tea leaves, comfrey, a fresh sprig of mugwort, and/or quince seeds, all known for lending their protection while traveling.

Moonstone Talisman or Amulet

Moonstone is associated with good luck and protection on travels. Anoint and purify a piece with moonwater or saltwater, then bless it specifically for whoever will be using it. If it is not already, make it into a piece of jewelry such as a pendant or ring so it is easy to keep on at all times. This makes a great gift for someone leaving on a trip!

Plus, some pictures from some of the most magical places I visited!


2 thoughts on “Making Magick: Travel Protections

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