Creating a Beautiful Book of Shadows

Note: I apologize if you tried to read this post earlier and found it blank – there were supposed to be pictures of the two Books but apparently WordPress doesn’t like them very much so it just refused to post anything! *hmph*
I admit it, I am easily seduced by the romantic Books we see in Charmed and Practical Magic. Even the name, ‘Book of Shadows’, conjures up mystery and magic. Which is why I simply couldn’t settle for the typical starter Book of a bound notebook or three-ring binder.

Although three-ring binders work great for starting out and a bound notebook is excellent if you want a diary-style Book, nothing quite compares to the combined convenience of being able to rearrange pages and retain a note of elegance. Two of the things, after all, that give a witch her true power are creativity and the feeling, the emotion she gets when she practices. If you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing, your spells are no doubt going to fall flat because the intention behind them isn’t strong enough.

Many people spark their passion by donning ceremonial robes, calling the quarters or even just meditating. But for me, nothing gets me more focused on witchcraft than my Book, because just looking at it gives me a swell of pride and reverence. But, believe it or not, my Book wasn’t terribly expensive. In fact, I bought it at Walmart. A simple burgundy, post-bound scrapbook with packs of posts and page protectors, plus a jumbo pack of on sale 12 x 12 black parchment I bought online.

I tea-dye plain white copy paper, then tape it onto the center of a page of the parchment. I use a very sharp pencil and a scrapbooking stencil to make straight lines to write on and then write with a black Sharpie. Sometimes I draw designs and objects but my favorite decoration is pressed herbs and flowers that apply to whatever the page refers to.

Although we are constantly being reminded that the Halliwells’ and the Owens’ Books of Shadows are figments of Hollywood’s imagination, that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace a little of the silver screen variety of magic. As witches, we are drawn to beautiful things: a cat stretching on the windowsill, the nearly full moon shimmering, a downy feather floating in a stream. It is truly amazing what creating something beautiful can do for you and your magick.


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