Making Magick: Eye of Newt

Witchcraft is often shrouded in mystery and, over the centuries, certain words, objects and images have become traditionally associated with it. One of the most infamous of these is Eye of Newt. The words appear in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and even The Simpsons.

Although the idea of a jar of newts’ eyes is appropriately grotesque for an evil witch’s lair somewhere in the middle of a haunted forest, in reality it is theorized that ‘eye of newt’ actually refers to mustard seed, a common household spice.

Mustard seed magickally promotes alertness, strength, courage and memory enhancement. According to Lexa Roséan’s Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients, it can be “sprinkled in the shoe or across a path to promote desire.” Of course, it is also a great addition to stew, potato salad and homemade condiments!


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