Wheel of the Year: Secular Holidays

Sometimes we witches find ourselves thinking we can only celebrate the Sabbats and not other holidays as they don’t pertain to us. (Which happens to be a lot of malarkey.) There is of course the argument that most (if not all) Christian holidays come from Pagan roots, which is true. But what about Hallmark and patriotic holidays? Valentine’s, Mothers, Fathers, Independence, New Years, Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Days all have aspects that can be embraced and celebrated by witches, right alongside their non-pagan friends.

Coming up in the next few months, we have patriotic holidays such as Labor Day (September 5) and Veterans Day (November 11). Personally, I think it is important for all Americans to celebrate their patriotism but it is especially true of pagans, souls who wholly embrace freedom of religion, a luxury not afforded to many witches around the world. Here are a few ideas for celebrating these days:

  1. Do a little knot magick with a braided cord of red, white and blue ribbons for an American cause close to your heart, such as safety for our overseas troops.
  2. Veterans Day is an especially important date this year, as it marks one century since the armistice of World War I, November 11, 1911. 11 is held by many pagans to be a very spiritually powerful number in numerology, as is the time 11:11 am and pm. So make a wish for peace at 11:11 on 11-11-11!
  3. Donate to a patriotic pagan organization, such as Operation Circle Care.
  4. Research and practice or participate in Native American magick, even if it is not your usual forte.
  5. Make a tote bag, pillow or other item with American flag fabric and an embroidered or iron-on pentacle displayed proudly on the side.



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