Kitchen Witchery: Family Recipe Books

It’s a quaint idea, a family recipe book. It is probably bound in a well-worn album with flour dusted across its cover and water, butter and egg stains on its pages. It is probably written in a flowering hand attributed to Great-Grandmother somebody.

In truth, few of us ever manage to clip some recipes from a magazine, let alone assemble a tome of heirloom dishes to be preserved through the ages. But this is one of those times where managing? Well worth it.

My family recipe book isn’t as pretty as I would like it to be (just a boring white binder with colored divider tabs) but it is handy and it is full. Many of the recipes have come from the internet or magazines, (after all, who says you can’t make your mark?) but ‘Auntie Clara’s Meatballs’ certainly has a page, as well as ‘Grandma Marilyn’s French Lemon Bars’ and ‘Dad’s Pumpkin Rum Cheesecake’. (Not to make anyone hungry or anything. :P)

Heritage is one of the most binding connections and connections are almost always strengthened by sharing a meal. A family recipe book, whether painstakingly handwritten or neatly typed, is a treasure any kitchen witch ought to have in her collection.

If you’re looking for something a little more formal, this site looks fantastic:


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